Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

…that is the number one question our team was getting asked heading into this new year.

Many of our readers have been curious about waist training, or have “sorta” tried at some point in their lives, but aren’t sure which trainer to use and how to get started!

This can be very frustrating!

At first, even our very own review team didn’t know where to start!?!

There seemed to be a ton of mediocre trainers, all promising non believable “before and after results”, or boasting what seemed to be fake reviews.

Long story short, our whole team came together to complete one of the most in-depth reviews ever done on waist trainers…

Now, we can finally share these amazing results with our readers!

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DISCLOSURE: We spent the Last Three Months Testing the Best-Selling Waist Trainers on the Market

SEE: What to LOOK For or   |    What to AVOID

After several months of research, product ordering, verifying reviews, and reaching out to customers of countless brands…we narrowed down our list to 13 waist trainers that all seemed to offer a great waist training experience!

Out of those 13 different waist trainers – we’ve came up with an absolute winner which you can read the full review here!

If you are unfamiliar with waist training, and aren’t sure what to look for – we’ll share a small “cheat sheet” below which our team compiled when doing their 30 day tests of each trainer.

Keep reading to see what criteria you should be looking for when buying a waist trainer online (and what things to avoid!)…

3 Things To LOOK For When Buying Waist Trainers Online:

  1. 1. Trainers that have both a waist size and torso size!

    • When it comes to waist training, sizing is everything! Most women that don’t achieve their desired results is due to incorrect sizing. While colors and patterns are fun, you’ll want to find a company that has both various waist sizes AND torso sizes.
    • This will provide you with the most supportive and effective trainer that will be unique to your body – and deliver those hourglass results!
  2. 2. Don't Miss a Day of Training - Ensure this by going w/ a premium design!

    For best results, in the beginning you’ll need to wear your trainer for a good chunk of the day, every day!
    To do so easily, you’ll want to wear it under clothing – and the best trainers have metal clasps and zippers that keep your trainer snug to your body.
    This will help both with making your posture stronger and also keeps your trainer unnoticeable to others while wearing under your clothes.
    Avoid velcro trainers, as those are more often used for fat burning belts at the gym and to only be worn for an hour or two at a time.
  3. 3. Customer Support & Community Support Are a Must!

    Waist training is a journey, and having a customer service team and/or access to other customers to help motivate and answer questions is a huge, huge plus!
    Also, some of you will incorrectly size yourself and need a trainer thats bigger or smaller, depending on what you order.  Choosing a company with their own online store, and customer service team will give you a sense of ease because you know you can exchange your size without any issues.
    For this reason, we avoid ordering trainers from Amazon when possible because you will not have direct customer support with the company itself when it comes to exchanges, and getting sizing help.

What to AVOID when Buying Your Waist Trainer:

  • Lack of Sizing Options

    Sizing is everything when it comes to waist training. Take time to ensure you choose your waist size AND torso size if you have a shorter/longer torso than most women

  • Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Price

    Avoid cheap waist trainers!

  • Amazon Reviews & Trainers

    Amazon reviews can be unreliable at times, and not having access to the company directly can be a huge pain.

  • Lack of Customer Support & Community

    Due to the nature of the product, and sizing, you’ll be glad you chose a premium product and company that offers customer support, sizing help, and community access to make sure your waist training safely and effectively.

Our Top 5 Waist Trainers of 2024
  • #1 The Perfect Curves™ Waist Trainer by Luxx Curves
    30 Day Before / After Results - 97%
    Product Quality & Durability - 96%
    Customer Support & Community - 96%

    Full Review [Plus Crazy Reader Exclusive Discount]

    The Perfect Curves™ Waist Trainers by Luxx Curves easily ranked #1 on our list of top waist trainers available for easy ordering online today!

    Our reviewers saw truly impressive, visible results beyond their expectations. That’s probably because the team at Luxx Curves are expert waist trainers, having created the most watched videos on YouTube over the past 5 years (even before they designed their own trainer) to help women like you and I. 

    Since designing their over trainer a few years back, they’ve helped over 70,000+ women achieve hourglass curves safely and quickly!

    Their Perfect Curves™ Waist Trainer, available in both patterns and solid colors, was the most durable and snug fitting trainer we tested. 

    Available in 3 different torso sizes, our reviewers were able to find a perfectly sized trainer for their body type. This left no extra bulk, so all women were able to wear the Luxx Curves Trainers underneath their clothing, while looking natural.

    Providing core support right up to the bust area, the Perfect Curves™ Waist Trainer also works to improve posture and prevent back pain, as well as lifting the bust giving it an enhanced appearance. 

    Plus, their solid 30-day money-back guarantee shows their confidence in their product. But from what we’ve discovered — you’ll love it so much, you won’t want to return this trainer or ever be without it.  

    With the best results, stellar reputation, helpful customer service, and solid return policy, Luxx Curves wins our #1 spot.*

    UPDATE – With many of our readers taking action on our recommendation, Luxx Curves has given us an exclusive discount code “NewCustomer15” for 15% OFF to share with our readers.

    Valid for any first time purchase of a waist trainer!


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    • ​Sizing Includes BOTH Torso & Waist Measurements for Perfect Fit!
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  • #2 Open Bust Vest by Squeem
    30 Day Before / After Results - 85%
    Product Quality & Durability - 84%
    Customer Support & Community - 70%

    Full Review

    Squeem is a long time contender in the beauty industry. Their products are predominately sold on Amazon and they’ve amassed a strong following there.

    Their “Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher” product advertises superior back support while improving posture. We tried this product and got really solid results. The comfort is great and after a few weeks the we definitely noticed surprising results. 

    The only downside is that this product is not available in the various torso sizes. This means it won’t be possible for some women to wear this trainer correctly, and get the snug, posture correct fitting found in the Luxx Curves trainer. 

    Sizing is everything when it comes to waist training, and while this trainer will help a good amount of women shape their curves, we can’t recommend it to every women due to the lack of torso options critical to achieve those jaw dropping before/after photos!

    • Great Quality, But High Priced
    • In-Stock
    • Not Available in Different Torso Sizes for Ideal Fit
    • ​Does NOT include access to Private FB Support Group
  • #3 9 Boned Underbust Waist Trainer by YIANNA
    30 Day Before / After Results - 83%
    Product Quality & Durability - 72%
    Customer Support - 70%

    Full Review

    YIANNA’s specializes in high quality waist trainers that are both affordable and great for everyday use. They have an extensive product line (you can find them in many online stores) and this is a solid addition to their line.
    This product has a similar design to the Short Torso Waist Trainer. The one downside is that there are only 9 flexible steel bones while Luxx Curves offers 14 flexi-bones in their product; we found the Short Torso Waist Trainer to offer superior support.
    Learn More

    • Good Quality at Fair Price
    • Not Available in Different Torso Sizes for Ideal Fit
    • ​Lack of Customer Support with Company Directly since Available only on Amazon
    • Does NOT include access to Private FB Support Group
  • #4 Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery
    30 Day Before / After Results - 70%
    Product Quality & Durability - 70%
    Customer Support & Community - 70%

    Full Review

    The Latex Waist Cincher by Anny Chery made the top 5 list without a doubt!
    The results were almost as promising as the Luxx Curves trainers, but the overall customer experience didn’t come close.
    Ordering on their online store was tougher than it looked, and we couldn’t navigate around to find the exact sizing we needed. There didn’t seem to be different torso sized trainers, which we feel is vital for unlocking the best results possible.
    The quality and price points were fine by us, but with 28 different product styles to choose from – we became more confused the longer we spent on their website. 
    Overall, you may find what your looking for with an Ann Chery trainer, but be ready to do more independent research and measuring as their sizing information is tough to understand.

    • Okay Quality for the Price
    • Not Available in Different Torso Sizes for Ideal Fit
    • Lack of Customer Support with Company Directly since Available only on Amazon
    • Does NOT include access to Private FB Support Group
  • #5 Latex Sports Waist Trainer by SHAPERX
    30 Day Before / After Results - 68%
    Product Quality & Durability - 65%
    Customer Support - 64%

    Full Review

    When it came to making another Amazon order, we saw the Shaperx seemed to rise above the rest. There was a great review rating at the time of our purchase, and the product description and photos were very helpful.
    Unfortunately, our trainer came damaged and had to request another one be sent by Amazon. It took longer than we had wanted, and when another trainer arrived – we had already been very impressed by the top few trainers reviewed.
    It seemed like the quality was fair, and value was there for those patient with the Amazon experience, but without their own customer service team and community, we felt lost with this trainer and how we’d achieve the hourglass results we were hoping for. 

    Learn More

    • Sub-Par Quality & Value
    • Not Available in Different Torso Sizes for Ideal Fit
    • ​Lack of Customer Support
    • Does NOT include access to Private FB Support Group